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Movies I like that apparently make me pretentious

Sometimes when I tell people I like or dislike a movie, I get the predictable eyeroll and the standard dismissive treatment that comes with having gone to a film school and worked in the industry. As my good (industry) friend's wife Debra put it, "we suck the life out of a film." (at least that's the essence of what she said, I didn't take notes at the time, but she was annoyed at our technical criticism.) Granted, sometimes knowing the inner-workings of film can make me cynical, critical, and unforgiving, but the bottom line is, I'm a much bigger fan with every passing day than I ever was. And my BFA certainly doesn't make me a movie snob.  I just got a degree for something a lot of people do for fun. (Don't think I didn't work for it.)

I may know some tricks of the trade, but I hate to be spoiled, and I love seeing things that make me question reality, or make me say, how did they do that?  As such, I think I'm ripely placed to be a fanboy (or girl as such).

Granted, now that I've been despoiled as it were, I'm not the person you want to watch basic T.V. with.  I recently proposed a bet where I wagered how many special effects cuts a certain editor made on a commercial that appeared to be very simple.  Despite the fact I hadn't worked with him in years, I recognized his handiwork without even a sound.  This sort of familiarity tends to make one a bit cynical.

Cliche or no, Hollywood marketing has an indelible place in the public mind.  If a movie doesn't come packaged, well, it's not that I believe that the general public can't appreciate it. It's that there's so much dreack thrusted there way, why would they bother to pay attention?


The soundtrack helped.

Movies by David Mamet

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